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The Crew



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Andrews, Eric        PO Yes.  
Bartlett, Dave L/Sea Yes  
Byron   No  
Carter, Robert        UC Deceased  
Clayton. Charles.Duce. Tel Deceased  
Davies, David George A/LS Deceased  

Deacon, Norman

Tel Yes  
Dorey,Peter. R.A.         LS Deceased  
Ford, John. R. AB Deceased  
Fowler, Ronald Sto. Deceased  
Gourdeau,Jean. C. LSEM Yes RCN
Gregory,Harold.V. PO RP No RCN


WO Eng. Deceased


Heard, Brian.W.T (Tom) EM1 Deceased  

Hopkins. Jeff.


Horton, David

Jennings, Sam ERA Yes RCN
Lang   No  
Latus, Gerald L.Sto. Yes  
Lee, Colin RP Deceased  
Leech, Peter ERA Yes  
Little   No  
Maby, Edward William (Ted) LME Deceased  
MacLean   No  
Mcleod,Laverne D. PO Deceased RCN
Merrick, Bill   Yes  
Mullet   Deceased  
Parsons, Sam Tel Deceased 100112  
Peake, Ronald. H. ME1 Deceased  
Pearson, Albert C/ERA Deceased  
Powell Tel No  
Purser, Pat Lt.


Puxley. Lt No  
Raymont, Geoffrey LEM Yes  
Rice, Philip.J.W. Cook Deceased  
Romans,Ralph AB No RCN
Rycroft,Julian.M.W. Lt. Deceased  
Shaw, Trevor   Yes  
Short   No  
Simpson, Bryan LS UW2 Yes  
Smith.Colin L/Ck Deceased  
Sparkes,P L/Tel No  
Spencer,Ray PO Stkr No RCN
Stamps   No  
Sunderland,John.R. Stwd Deceased  
Thompson, Charles EM. Deceased  
Tonner,John Coxn Deceased  
Verry, Hugh Lt.Cdr Deceased 2011  
Watson, John Sidney L/Sto. Deceased 26/4/1998  
Waite, Donald. P. AB Deceased  
Wells EA No  
Whitby,   Yes  

Lt/Cdr Jerrold Keith Needham and Surg. Lt. Charles Eric Rhodes (Albert Medal) who were HMS Maidstone and Trials Crew also died as the result of the accident


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