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Memorial 1st Anniversary

Sidon Memorial First Anniversary

Sidon memorial wreath layingA small group gathered beside the Sidon Memorial at Portland Heights at 1100 on Friday 16th June.

Lt/Cdr Christopher Earl represented the Royal Canadian Navy, Andrew Needham the relatives of those who died 51 years ago, and Ted Maby, the survivors. Also present was the Mayor of Portland, Tim Woodcock, himself an ex-Royal Navy man (and Ted's son in law), as well as members of the Dorset Branch of the Submariners Association.

The weather was in complete contrast to last year when the Memorial Stone was unveiled. We then had strong winds and thick fog with drizzle, Sidon memorialwhilst this year it was as beautiful a day as one could hope for, with brilliant sunshine and clear visibility. Portland again showed its many faces as far as the weather conditions are concerned.

In contrast to last year, when about 400 took part, this year’s event was deliberately very low key. After Lt/Cdr Earl laid the wreath, there was a one minute silence.

sidon memorial 2This quiet, but dignified, ceremony was followed in the evening by a very well attended informal gathering at the Royal Dorset Yacht Club to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Dorset Branch of the SMA. Monthly meetings are held there at 2030 on the third Thursday of the month and all ex-submariners will be assured of a warm welcome.sidon memorial



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