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articles X CRAFT IN WW2 by Gordon Newman

Sadly Gordon Newman has crossed the bar, however he did leave this article with a friend, I thought some would find it interesting.  He was writing his own history ......more


Dr Michael White QC (former submariner and now Adj ......more

articles'A bit of a do'

It being Submariners Reunion weekend on the 9-11 October 2009 and me meeting up with some old messmates there was obviously a bit of lamp swinging going on.  Anyway I met one old s ......more

articlesIn the beginning

In The Beginning

In the beginning there was the word; and the word was GOD.  All else was darkness and void without form.  So GOD created the h ......more

articlesFrom Baker to Submariner Cook

I worked for my father as a baker until I became of age to be called up, I wanted to join the Navy with no thought of being volunteered for Submarines.  Being a baker I was made a ......more



An interesting piece of archieve film showing M2 launching and recovering her aircraft



articlesHong Kong Jenny

The passing of a real character loved and remembered by Commonwealth sailors the world over .Jenny and her side party& ......more

articlesHMS Ganges 1905

Although very proud to be submariner in the 1950’s,  I had started my Naval career as ......more

articlesLetters to Mum (2)

Tally-Ho Letter Home. Written 1954

This is a copy of a letter I sent home to my parents, written at sea as a crew member in the ......more

articlesLetters to Mum

The following two letters were written by a Submariner in 1953/1954. They brought a smile to my face, one can imagine Mu ......more

articlesJust another day - Arthur Beer.

0800 - 18th November 1960. I am a Leading Mechanical Engineer on Submarine Thule and we are Harbour Stations at Portland, about to go to sea for the day, exercising with various ships of the Royal ......more

articlesSub Lieut John Latham - Gordon Newman

J.O. Latham, lived on Alderney. Served 1943-1946 in 12th Submarine flotilla as a Sub-Lieut. RNVR.  Crossed the bar on 7th February 2007.

     When I left school for ......more

articlesReflections - G. Newman

(For part of WW2 Gordon served as a swimmer on X Craft, His boat X11 was sunk in a collision, Gordon was ashore, sick, when that happened.  Three of his crew mates lost their ......more

articlesX-Craft - Gordon Newman

I strayed to the main SMA site and the list of sunken boats. As I, than still only 18 and an RNVR midshipman, was the operational diver on XE11, I was disappointed not to see her ......more

articlesRunning Aground

I thought that I would put out a note since a lot of you have been calling and writing to find out how things are and if I'm OK and what happened. If you hadn't heard, my boat hi ......more


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