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Running agroundRunning Aground by Brian ******* Chief Electronics Technician Submarines

I thought that I would put out a note since a lot of you have been calling and writing to find out how things are and if I'm OK and what happened. If you hadn't heard, my boat hit an uncharted submerged sea mount at the highest speed we can go at about 500ft below the surface.........  more

x-craftX-Craft by Gordon Newman

I strayed to the main SMA site and the list of sunken boats. As I, than still only 18 and an RNVR midshipman, was the operational diver on XE11, I was disappointed not to see her listed with the others......... more

doodle bugDuramford Memories by Tony Combe

Most of the time I was away at school and actually spent only a total of 9 months living in the house although my parents were there from approximately 1944 -1947.  The most vivid memories concern two main areas:......... more