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Dr Michael White QC (former submariner and now Adjunct Professor, Global Change Institute; also Marine & Shipping Law Unit, University of Queensland) is the president of the AE1 Inc which is the body that seeks (a) to find the AE1 (b) to properly commemorate the 35 men who died when it was lost in 1914 and (c) wishes to support the Descendants Association to find as many descendants as possible to invite them to the various commemoration ceremonies.


I attach a nominal list of the crew and if anyone is aware of any descendants would you kindly contact Michael on .

Last update 3.9.10 by Dr Kathryn Spurling

Crew List – HMA Submarine AE1



Lieutenant Commander Thomas Fleming BESANT RN

DOB: 22 December 1883

Place of Birth: Liverpool, England

Next of Kin: Father and Mother, Edgar and Mary BESANT, 2 St. John’s Gardens, Ledbrooke Avenue, London, England


Lieutenant Charles Lewis MOORE RN

Lent by RN 13 October 1913 for 3 yrs

DOB: 23 August 1888

Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland

Next of Kin: Father, Col H Moore, Higher Woodcombe, Minehead, Somerset, England


Lieutenant Leopold Florence SCARLETT (The Honorable) RAN

Appointed RAN temporary from RN (Rtd list) 10 August 1914

DOB: not known

Place of Birth:  not known

Next of Kin: Major Scarlett, Lord Abinger, Rowham House, Hants, England

(Son of Lt Col (Scots Guards) Leopold James Yorke Campbell Scarlett and Bessie Florence Scarlett, of Peneden House, Maidstone, England)


ERA Class 1 James Alexander FETTES

Service Number: 7290             Enlisted RAN 17 December 1912 for 5 yrs

DOB: 30 September 1884

Place of Birth: Sydney, NSW

Next of Kin: Mother, Margaret Fettes, 10 Wisbeach Street, Rozelle, Sydney, NSW

(Father, William Fettes)


ERA Class 1 Thomas Frederick LOWE

Service Number: 8263            

DOB: 3 December 1875          Lent by RN 17 November 1913 for 3 yrs

Place of Birth: Leicester, England

Next of Kin: Wife, Mary Priscilla Lowe, 6 Brisbane Street, North Sydney, NSW

(Son of John Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Lowe, Leicester, England)


ERA Class 2 John Albert MARSLAND

Service Number: 8274             Lent by RN 1 December 1913 for 3 yrs

DOB: 9 October 1880

Place of Birth: Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Next of Kin: Wife, Nellie Louise Griffith Marsland, “Waterloo House”, Clifford Street, Southampton, England

(Son of John and Annie Marsland, Leeds, England)






ERA Joseph William WILSON

Service Number: 8284             Lent by RN 1 December 1913 for 3 yrs

DOB: 11 October 1879

Place of Birth: Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Next of Kin: Wife, Elizabeth Jane Cecila Wilson, 78 Fifth Street, Kingston, Portsmouth, England.

(Son of J. H. and E Wilson, Harley Street, Fratton, Portsmouth, England)


Chief Stoker Harry STRETCH

Service Number: 8265             Lent by RN 17 November 1913 for 3 yrs

DOB: 7 November 1875

Place of Birth: Porchester, Hants, England

Next of Kin: Sister, Emma Usher, 4 Upperton Road, Guildford, Surrey, England.

(Son of Samuel and Ann Stretch of Stubbington, Portsmouth, England)

Additional: Awarded China Medal (1900)


Petty Officer Thomas Martin GUILBERT

Service Number: 8279             Lent by RN 1 December 1913 for 3 yrs           

DOB: 25 November 1883

Place of Birth: St Peters, Port Guernsey, England

Next of Kin: Wife, Violet Victoria Guilbert, 31 Liverpool Road, Fratton, Portsmouth, England


Petty Officer Henry HODGE

Service Number: 8260             Lent by RN 17 November 1913 for 3 yrs

DOB: 25 April 1881

Place of Birth: Preston, Lancashire, England

Next of Kin: Wife, Ida Louisa, 24 Princes Street, Landport, England


Petty Officer Robert SMAIL

Service Number: 1068             Lent by RN 5 yrs from 1 July 1911; 7 yrs from 1 July 1912

DOB: 26 January 1888

Place of Birth: Galashiels, Selkirkshire, Scotland

Next of Kin: Son of Robert and Elizabeth Smail, 14 Danks Street, Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria


Petty Officer William TRIBE

Service Number: 8261             Lent by RN 17 November 1913 for 3 yrs         

DOB: 10 December 1880

Place of Birth: Midhurst, Sussex, England

Next of Kin: Wife Kate Tribe, 158 Stamshaw Road, Northsea, Portsmouth, England


Stoker Petty Officer John Joseph MOLONEY

Service Number: 7299             Enlisted RAN 17 December 1912 for 7 years   

DOB: 25 January 1889

Place of Birth: Brisbane, Queensland

Next of Kin: Wife, Beatrice May Moloney, 45 John Street, Waterloo, Sydney, NSW





Stoker Petty Officer William Alfred WADDILOVE

Service Number: 7300             Enlisted RAN 17 December 1912 for 7 yrs      

DOB: 16 April 1885

Place of Birth: West Melbourne, Victoria

Next of Kin: Mother, Mary Waddilove, 159 Brighton Street, Richmond, Melbourne, Victoria


Stoker Petty Officer Charles Frederick WRIGHT

Service Number: 7395             Enlisted RAN 17 December 1912 for 5 yrs      

DOB: 18 January 1889

Place of Birth: Kensington Town, London, England

Next of Kin: Wife, Jane Wright, 19 Chesterton Road, North Kensington, London, England


Leading Seaman Sidney Charles BARTON

Service Number: 8288             Lent by RN 1 December 1913 for 3 yrs.          

DOB: Twickenham, London, England

Place of Birth: 20 April 1885

Next of Kin: Wife Emily Elizabeth Barton, 140 Colne Road, Twickenham, Middlesex, England


Leading Seaman Gordon Clarence CORBOLD

Service Number: 7297             Enlisted RAN 17 December 1912 for 7 yrs

DOB:  10 April 1887

Place of Birth: Strawberry Hills, NSW

Next of Kin: Mother, Alice Corbold, “Ashleldoin”, Essex Road, Epping, Sydney, NSW


Leading Seaman William Elliott GUY

Service Number: 8291             Lent by RN 1 December 1913 for 3 yrs

DOB: 9 June 1880

Place of Birth: Bedminster, Bristol

Next of Kin: Wife, Ada Lydia Guy, 4 Cross Street, Southsea, Hants, England


Leading Seaman John MEEK

Service Number: 8290             Lent by RN 1 December 1913 for 3yrs

DOB: 12 November 1886

Place of Birth: Woolwich, Kent, England

Next of Kin: Wife, Maud Lillian Meek, 7 Newbury Terrace, Ley Street, Ilford, Essex, England


Signalman George DANCE

Service Number: 8262             Lent by RN from 17 November 1913 for 3 yrs 

DOB: 5 November 1887

Place of Birth: Woodley, Wargrave, Berks, England

Next of Kin: Wife, Annie Elizabeth Dance, 39 West Street, Southsea, Hants, England

(Son of Police Inspector Dance, Brill, Thame, Oxon)







Telegraphist Cyril Lefroy BAKER

Service Number: 1268   Enlisted RAN 19 October 1911 for 5 yrs; 30 September 1912 for 7 yrs         

DOB: 29 November 1892

Place of Birth: Lefroy, Tasmania

Next of Kin: Mother, Alberta Baker, 110 Elizabeth Street, Launceston, Tasmania


Able Seaman Frederick George DENNIS

Service Number: 8281             RN 220438      Lent from RN 1 December 1913 for 3yrs        

DOB: 11 February 1885

Place of Birth: Newton Abbot, Devon, England

Next of Kin: Wife, Florence Lillian Dennis, Mill Head Villa, Kings Teighton, Newton Abbott, Devon, England


Able Seaman Arthur Henry FISHER

Service Number: 8191             Enlisted RAN 31 May 1913 for 5 yrs from shore, ex-RN         

DOB: 31 March 1883

Place of Birth: Stroud, Gloucestershire, England

Next of Kin: Wife, Lily Victoria Fisher, 24 Coburg Street, Landport, Portsmouth, England


Able Seaman George HODGKIN

Service Number: 8283             Lent from RN 1 December 1913 for 3 yrs        

DOB: 16 April 1887

Place of Birth: Lenham, nr Maidstone, Kent, England


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